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Welcome to the Youth Page. Here you will find almost all you need to know about what the young people are getting up to at St. Andrew's!

Sundays (Years 7—13)

Youth on Sundays is all about digging deeper into the Bible and learning how to apply God’s great teachings to our daily lives. The young people go into two groups: The Years 7-9 use the chapel and Year 10+ take over the loft. The groups meet every Sunday morning during term-time alongside 10:30am Morning Service.

CLAY (Years 7—9)

Clay is a space for young people to come hang out, play some pool, table tennis, foosball; and get the chance to discuss and learn a little more about God and what following Jesus can look like in today’s world.

It happens every Friday in term time from 7:30pm-9:30pm and is aimed at young people in years 7-9.

TGI Thursday (Years 10-13)

TGI is a great blend of hanging out and discipleship for those in school years 10-13. We study the Bible, pray together, worship and have all kinds of fun, including monthly socials. The evening is about growing in our faith and moving forward in the journey.

Starts at 7.30pm during term-time and is aimed at Year 10+

Pre Fuel 

Pre Fuel is our hang out space before fuel (running low on snazzy names). It’s a great space to catch up with friends, have a laugh and chill out before we head to the Fuel service. Pre Fuel happens most Sunday evenings before fuel at 6pm and is for all young people.

Schools Work

We are currently connected to two schools where we help run lunch clubs for young people wanting to take time out whilst in school, meet with other Christians or just hang out. In Chosen Hill School the CU runs every monday in the Languages block and the sessions are led by young people. We just bring in the grub. In Churchdown School we have just started up a lunch club called ‘Food for Thought’ (we are a creative bunch I know). It runs on a Thursday at lunch every two weeks. Food for Thought is a space to hear what other people think about your thoughts on faith, life and the universe. 

Young Lads' Connect

Youth Connect is a youth led evening of eating together, reading the scriptures and prayer. It happens every Monday night and is open to all young people. For more info contact: Jay Niblett

Girls' Group

Girls' Group is a new fellowship connect group for girls in Y7-Y13, that runs once a month on a Saturday evening. We meet in the loft for a time of getting to know each other, praying for each other, and worshipping together. We want to encourage and be encouraged! We meet at 7pm in the Loft, and finish by 9:30pm. For more info contact: Jodie Sullivan 

Youth in Summer

If you are wondering what to do this summer, have no fear, we have some suggestions! 

  • Hill House is a summer camp that runs throughout the summer. There are 5 weeks each dedicated to different age groups and each week is full of fun and great teaching. 

  • Soul Survivor is a festival for young people and we at St Andrew's take a group every year. It’s a great chance to get away and spend time with friends and God. For more information check out the Soul Survivor page

Revive Youth Events

Revive is bunch of different events for young people, focused on digging deeper into God’s presence, through prayer, worship, talks and ministry (as well as loads of fun!). We have an annual all day event and a number of evenings throughout the year. Our aim is to empower young people to stand up and live out their faith. See for more details.

Youth on Missions

This year a group of young people will be heading to Romania, to work with the charity FAST. Mission is a great opportunity to get young people away from their normality and see the world from a different perspective. It is also a great experience of putting faith into practice and serving those in need. If you want to join, all you have to be is in school year 11 or up, be willing to join in the adventure and fill in the attached form at the bottom of this page. 

For more information on FAST check out their website