Mothers' Union

Here at St. Andrew’s our MU branch is very active and membership continues to grow. Our monthly meetings are varied, with speakers on a variety of subjects, craft evenings, reflections, fundraising, social.  We begin each meeting with prayer and an update of what is going on locally and nationally. Above all they are a time for fellowship and inspiration. You are very welcome to come to the meetings, even if you are not a member - come and meet us, and find out more about what we do.

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity which aims to demonstrate Christian faith in action through the transformation of communities worldwide. The vision of Mothers' Union is to see a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. 

You do not have to be a mother to join, membership is open to everyone, male and female alike. It is a community of men as well as women, single as well as married, young and young at heart, some parents, some not.

Evening Meetings:               7.30pm:  3rd Tuesday of each month 

Afternoon Meetings:            2.30pm:  4th Thursday of each month 

Corporate Communion:      10.00am:  1st Thursday of each month


            Tuesday 17th - Holy Ground - shoes and stories from Christians around the world - Paul Hobbs
            Thursday 26th  - Lorraine Roe - testimony.  Lifelong awareness of God’s goodness
            Tuesday 21st & Thursday  23rd   -  Philippines  - linked with the Women’s world Day of Prayer
            Tuesday 15th  -  AGM to be chaired by Clodagh, and The Way Forward for MU.  Refreshments included
            Thursday 23rd  -  Continuing faith and prayer - Joyce Wheatley
            Tuesday 25th - Jan Ryder - Longfields Hospice;  it’s work and outreach in the larger community.
            Thursday 27th  -  An interview with Helen Wilson
            Tuesday 16th  -   Lorraine Roe - testimony.  Lifelong awareness of God’s goodness
            Thursday 25th  -  Faith in Action - What exactly does MU do?  How relevant is it in the UK today?
            Tuesday 20th -  Experiences in Romania - our youth
            Thursday 22nd  -  Strawberry Tea
            Tuesday 20th   -  Skittle Social evening - Community Centre
            Thursday 27th  - About Holy Ground - shoes and stories from Christians around the world
            Tuesday 19th  -  Reflective candle making
            Thursday 28th  -  Meet and chat
            Tuesday 17th & Thursday 26th - Street Pastors - Harry Anderton: an insight into a typical Saturday night in Cheltenham
            Tuesday 21st - An interview with Helen Wilson
            Thursday 23rd - The Way Forward for MU
            Thursday 7th ** -  Corporate Communion and mince pies 10am  (**1st Thursday)
            Tuesday 12th *** -  Faith in Action and The Way Forward for MU (***2nd Tuesday)

For more information about the Mothers' Union, please Contact Us or speak to Janet Ross, Branch Leader

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