Sunday Groups

Children's Work (Sundays)

Children of all ages are particularly welcome at our 10.30am service. After a short time in church, the children go out to their own groups for stories, games, craft, singing, prayer and more.

Sunday Groups

Who is it for?

Babies, toddlers and children up to Year 6.

When and where do we meet?

During the 10.30am Sunday service, in term time. 

What goes on?

Creche (for under 3’s) meets in the Lounge, opposite the main church entrance, where the service is relayed on a screen. Volunteers care for babies and children.

Little Fishes (Age 2-4) meet in the Small Hall. Children join Little Fishes some time after their second birthday when they can cope with a more structured session.

Shining Stars (Reception - Yr 1) meet in the Large Hall. Their group time is still largely based around play.

Faith Rocks (Yrs 2-3) meet in the Large Hall. They explore the bible through story-telling, games and making things.

Our Group (Yrs 4-6) meets upstairs in the loft. They experience Godly Play, an imaginative approach to Christian nurture that encourages children to make sense of their lives using the stories and symbols of our faith tradition.

All the groups enjoy being creative, If you would prefer that creativity does not leave traces on clothing, please would you supply a named old shirt or T-shirt that can be left at church.

We want children to enjoy their groups and for them to be a valuable part of their faith journey. If your child is having any difficulties, please speak to the group leader or Alison.

The PCC accepts the Diocese of Gloucester’s policy on working with children and young people. A copy of the policy is available from the Church Office. The PCC Nominated Person is Caroline Jones, to whom any concerns of suspected or alleged abuse should be referred.

In the creche we operate a minimum staffing ratio of:

One adult for every three children aged two years and under.

One adult for every four children age two years old.

This may mean that sometimes you are asked to stay with your child in the crèche. There is a separate detailed Registration Form for crèche children so that we can better meet their needs.

For more information e-mail